About Us

Sonor Audio is passionately Music.

The Company was founded in 1988 by Roy Witelson.

Born out of a need to improve on and break away from the bland sound that so often dominates the Hi-Fi market.


There is a direct relationship between the sound of a speaker and the way it's built. Unfortunately this is true for the economics of a speaker as well. The better it's built, the higher the input cost. Sonor is a dedicated facility to manufacture the most important component of a speaker - the cabinet. Think about it. The best guitar string in the world won't do much for a mediocre guitar.


Over the years we have continued to improve our understanding of the fundamentals of acoustic and apply this to our loudspeakers.
This can be summed up in a few simple words, 'there are no short cuts'. Short cuts often come in the guise of irrelevant patents and 'bling' on the cabinets. The only short cut we have made is to reduce costs by developing our own manufacturing facility.


We are a small company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Almost two decades of experience in speaker manufacture has translated in success and growth in our crowded market. Whilst we take great pride in our cabinets, we respect the old adage about the weakest link in the chain. Some components we are not able to make ourselves, so we source ones that compliment our approach to design.


Our site is simple and informative. We trust you'll enjoy this and be tempted to experience what we are about.


Come and listen to our loudspeakers
and see for yourself. . .

Roy Witelson