About us


Whilst this is fun & interesting, it’s ultimately tiring. It’s much the same when listening to music. Many systems augment reality by emphasising bass or spacial perception so that they sound impressive on trial listening. Your amazing brain quickly does all the compensation to try make the music sound as natural as possible.

The result is acoustic fatigue.

Our focus is to produce loud speakers that are able to project all the natural resonances, transients and spacial information inherent in the ‘picture’ the musician has created.

How do we achieve this standard from the tip of Africa? Well, this is not easy to answer & you will have to have an open mind.

The South African market is saturated by many audio brands beyond our shores. South Africa is not generally (incorrectly) perceived as a hub of high quality manufacturing. Many local buyers are brand conscience and by default will consider any imported audio products of a better quality than local supply. So for us to make an impression in our local market, we have to be better, much better than imported competition.  If we release a speaker that does not compete very favourably against imports, it just fails. So the bar has been set extremely high & we believe we have succeeded in meeting the challenge for over 25 years.

As an example, many musicians of note (pun intended) make use of custom hand built instruments and not mass produced ‘high end’ instruments?

So, here’s the big deal, what differentiates between a loudspeaker that is designed to impress and sell on first impression versus a speaker that is true to natural reproduction? The simple answer is quality. Quality costs, but can it be affordable?  Sonor Audio is uniquely positioned to deliver a complete quality package at reasonable price because we are small enough to attend to every detail. Saving money & cutting corners to satisfy investors is not an issue or priority for us.