Our marketing strategy to date has been word of mouth. We believe that you hear our loudspeakers, you’ll be convinced.

This has served us well & our reputation and market has grown over the 25 years we have been manufacturing loudspeakers.

We are now looking to expand beyond our shores. We are looking for international and local partners that will take Sonor Audio to the next level.

Ideally, we are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable partners preferably on the small to medium size. Our production involves a lot of time & labour. So we are looking for knowledgeable people who know audio & will demonstrate our speakers to their full potential.

For local partners, buying product made in South Africa makes so much sense. We are still able to service speakers we made over 20 years ago. The value for money component is HUGE. Our speakers often compete against imports costing two to three times our local price. Every time you sell a Sonor speaker you are supporting local jobs and we all know how vital that is.

For international partners, we hope you have a pleasant surprise waiting. We are not a new company. We are established and well geared to the exclusive market. Our local currency is weak and this makes our product very affordable with plenty headroom to make a decent profit. As our speakers are heavy, air freight will be an expense, but with good planning sea freight is a good option and will keep freight costs in check.