Sonor Audio exhibits in Munich

Valve Audio, Sonor Audio & Sound Structures displayed their respective brands at the 2016 Munich High End show which ran from the 5
th-8th May this year.

They exhibited under the auspices of their European representative – ProWorld GmbH. Thanks Gerhard!

The show is huge with over 560 high end stands displaying & demonstrating a multitude of high end products.  We initially felt intimidated by the scale and variety of products on the show. However the reaction from both trade & public was fantastic.

We received a lot of positive comments and encouragement. Schalk, Roy & Hein would like to acknowledge and express their appreciation to all at the show that offered encouragement & support. Special thanks to those in the trade both local & overseas who expressed their support, encouragement & graciously offered sage advice.

Although the exhibit was in an open cubical, not an ideal acoustic environment, the combination of the Black Widow pre & power amps with the Sonor Claro 8.2’s or the Predator with the Claro 6.2’s was remarkable enough to demonstrate the potential of the systems. The Sound Structure stand was photographed by many who remarked on the build quality.

Given the positive reception, we are aiming to return next year for the show.